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Farm management systems


Offers remote farm monitoring

Remote farm monitoring usually include several agriculture IoT devices and sensors, installed for soil scanning and water, light, humidity, and temperature management, based on that we can monitor our farm anywhere on the phone

Alert messages

Get alert messages in your phone in several ways to anyone at risk within your farm’s network, including farm health and outside visitors.

Automated Irrigation Systems

Less Manual Labor

With an automated irrigation system, you can monitor and control almost all aspects of irrigation. For example, at the touch of a button, you can do things like turn pumps on and off, Cut off the flow from one area and direct it to a different area, Keep and control all types of diesel and electric motors.

Save Time and Money

Automatic irrigation saves you time. Therefore, you also save money. Depending on the number of pumps you have and the number of hours you need to water, you can also save money on your water and power bills. 

Custom Hardware

Farm Customization

To build an IoT solution for agriculture, you need to choose the sensors for your device (or create a custom one). Your choice will depend on the types of information you want to collect and the purpose of your solution in general. In any case, the quality of your sensors is crucial to the success of your product, it will depend on the accuracy of the collected data and its reliability.