Home Automation




Energy Saving

Control Your Lights

Infinite Colors

Based on your mood or time of the day, you can customize your lighting by selecting between a range of color shades.

Control From Anywhere in the World

Your smart lighting takes inputs from compatible smart home devices and intelligently reacts to events.

Conn​ect with other Smart Home Devices

Your smart lighting takes inputs from compatible smart home devices and intelligently reacts to events.

Ceiling Fan

No Control Adjustment

With automated fan control, you no longer need to disrupt your workflow to adjust the speed and direction of your fans. Automating the fan speed saves time and maintains a consistently comfortable environment.

Optimized Fan Performance

Identifying the best speed and direction to operate your fans can be difficult, especially during the spring and fall seasons the automation software calculates all of this for you and perfectly optimizes your fans’ performance for the current climate.

Savings On Heating And Cooling

Automation running on a power supply of 110-240v maximizes energy efficiency by lowering energy costs across your climate control solutions.

Control Air Condition

Simple Access

Smart AC gives the client complete authority over their temperature control. Regardless of whether you are on the opposite side of the world, you can oversee and work your cooling using your smartphone.

More Comfort

Automatic modes and smart temperature triggers are some of the options that were unheard of before this innovation was developed. These highlights kill the need to continually play with temperature setpoints and working modes during the day.


A smart forced air system intelligently uses working modes, and temperature focuses on accomplishing the ideal temperature ambiance without running at full force. When the best temperature is reached, the thermostat can lessen the force use of the AC.  smart thermostats can actually save 25% of energy.

Smart home and connected devices

Smart conditioning systems and thermostats can be combined with other smart home gadgets, such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. This permits the system to be controlled, utilizing voice orders or other smart devices. Schedules can be incorporated with thermostats, so the cooling turns on when a specific action is made. 

Water Heaters

Remote Access and Scheduled

Automated water heaters can be accessed remotely. That means you can control or schedule your showers from anywhere and at anytime via Wi-Fi. Imagine how convenient would it be to just schedule a hot shower while you’re on your way back and find hot water ready when you return home

Brings Safety

Automated water heating system can use its data not only for making heating more convenient but also safer. Their sensors are on all the time – even when you’re not home – and can warn you in case anything seems off. The controller can be programmed to report you any irregularities, such as leaks or uncontrolled power consumption. 

Camera Security

Smart cameras

These cameras incorporate Wi-Fi connections that allow them to be viewed and controlled remotely using a smartphone app. Many can also upload the footage to the Cloud for storage, eliminating the need for a potentially complicated on-site storage setup.

Automatic Door Lock

Allows Keyless Entry

With a keyless automatic door lock, you would not have to bother about losing or forgetting your keys. You probably have experienced how frustrating it is to get locked out of your own home.

Personalized Entry

Automatic door locks allow multiple codes as valid passcode to enter a house. So, you could make different passcodes for various people you want to let inside your home.

You More Control

An automatic door lock allows you to lock your home anywhere you want as long as you have the remote with you. You can even lock or unlock your home with your own smartphone.